List of Universities in US which do not require Revised GRE score for admissions

Got low score in Revised GRE? No need to worry. In this article you can find all those universities in US which do not require Revised GRE for admission into higher education programs. Many Universities do not put a criteria or cut off of Revised GRE and all such Universities are listed in the following paragraphs. Also, you can find the Universities which can waiver your Revised GRE requirement based on your undergraduate performance. All such Universities are also mentioned.
US Universities List not requiring Revised GRE for admissions
The following Universities which are mentioned along with the degree programs do not require the revised GRE scores for admissions.
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department
  2. University of Maryland, College Park – Master's in Telecommunications
  3. Purdue University West Lafayette – Computer Science department
  4. University of Pittsburg – Material Science and Engineering
  5. University of Dayton – All Engineering programs MS and MEng 
  6. University of Bridgeport, Connecticut – All MS programs
  7. Stevens Institute of Technology – Optional GRE for many Engineering MS programs
  8. New Mexico State University – Few MS programs have optional GRE
  9. Kansas State University - Department of Computer Science & Department of Agronomy
  10. Washington State University – Few MS programs
  11. Tufts University – Engineering Management programs
  12. University of Oklahoma – Some programs do not require GRE
  13. Oklahoma State University - Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
  14. Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma – All MS programs
  15. California State University, Sacramento – Civil Engineering 
  16. University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Few engineering programs
  17. University of Northern Virginia – Optional GRE for some programs
  18. Iowa State University
  19. University of Idaho
  20. Colorado State University
  21. Farleigh Dickinson University
  22. Monmouth University
  23. Rowan University
  24. Montclair State University
  25. Virginia State University
  26. Wichita State University
US Universities List not requiring Revised GRE for admissions under certain criteria
Some of the Universties in US provide a waiver for GRE score requirement based on very good undergraduate grades or some other criteria. Some programs in the following Universities provide such GRE waiver
  1. University of Maryland, College Park
  2. California State University at Channel Islands
  3. California State University at Northridge
  4. Carnegie Mellon University (few programs only)
  5. University of Utah (Chemical Engg)
  6. University of Pennsylvania
Caution: US Universities keep changing their requirements with time. Applicants are advised to check their aspired department admission requirements of GRE before applying to the above Universities