Difference between transcript and mark-sheets and procedure to obtain the transcript

In this article, you will find the necessary details about the college transcripts and University transcripts in India. Also explained is the procedure for online uploading of the transcript in US University applications.

What is the difference between mark-sheet and transcript required for US University applications?
Every US University requires an official transcript of the undergraduate grades and marks. This is different from the mark sheets that the student receives after every semester or every term. A transcript is basically a summary of all the marks and grades obtained throughout the entire period of education along with the details of the scoring system and the details of the college and University in India. A mark-sheet usually contains only the marks obtained details for a particular year or semester.

Where to get the degree transcripts required for US University applications.
You can get the transcripts required for US University applications from your University registrar –office. These are called University transcripts and they have the stamp of the University registrar or official. If your college is an affiliated college to the University, you can also get the transcripts from your college office as well where you will need to contact the college registrar. These are called the college transcripts and are also accepted as the official transcripts by the US Universities.

Procedure to obtain transcripts from your college
  1. Contact your college registrar with your request for official transcripts.
  2. He will provide you with soft copy of the transcript format with all the necessary details and blank spaces. You can also obtain this soft copy from your seniors in same college who have already taken the transcripts and are currently studying in US
  3. The transcript format changes based upon your University, degree, college and even specialization. So, be careful while filling out the transcript. To download a completed sample transcript for University of Pune BE Electronics and Telecommunication major, click on the following link: Sample college transcript - Pune University
  4. Complete all the details and take print outs on the college letterhead only. Every University requires an official copy of the transcript. So, take at least 10 copies of the transcripts so that you don’t need to go to the college registrar again.
  5. Take the college stamp and signature of the registrar on the transcripts. Make a three fold of the transcript and put it in the envelopes and take stamp and signatures on the sealed portion of the envelopes.
  6. Recently, US Universities have started accepting unofficial scanned copies of the transcripts. So, keep one transcript unsealed so that you can scan it.

Procedure to obtain transcripts from your University
  1. Visit the student section of your University for information about obtaining the transcripts from the University. In general, the following steps are required to obtain the transcripts:
  2. Fill out transcript requirement form with photocopies of your degree certificate, mark sheets and leaving certificate (optional).
  3. The University official will verify your documents and give you details of the payment process and amount based on the number of transcripts and envelopes. For Pune University, every transcript costs around Rs. 600 including the envelope.
  4. After making the necessary payment, you need to submit the receipt to the University official. Your transcripts will be ready after a week or two and you can collect them from the University student section.

Submitting unofficial copies of your transcripts to US Universities through online application
  1. Most of the US Universities have started accepting unofficial transcript copies for admission decision from prospective students instead of official copies. The unofficial transcript can be simply a scanned copy of your official transcripts or a copy filled by you based on your marks and grades obtained.
  2. During your online application to the US Universities, you will be asked to submit the soft copy of the transcript. A link will be provided and you can just upload you transcript in that application link.
  3. The admission review committee will make an admission decision and if you are granted admission, only then you will have to submit the official transcript copies to the University before your classes begin.