Profile Evaluation for US Universities

We are in the process of developing an automated software for profile evaluation and will be soon releasing it. Our profile evaluators would be busy in the coming weeks. You might expect a long delay in your free profile evaluation at the moment.

If your requirement is urgent, we offer comprehensive paid profile evaluation for Rs. 4000/-. You can contact: or +91 9028018430. For more information and other services:

This service is completely free of cost and is an initiative started by a group of students already studying in various Universities in US.

We will help evaluate your profile. We will provide some Universities that suit your profile and are likely to grant you admissions. You can also provide the Universities that you have already shortlisted and we will rate your Universities in three categories - safe, moderate and optimistic based on the chances of getting admit. The US University profile evaluation may take up to 1 week and is completely dependent on the availability of the authors of this website.

Users must understand that the evaluation is done by senior students based on their experiences and is solely their personal evaluation. The website holds no liability on part of the readers.