What is I-20 document and how to get it from your University?

This article covers the details about I-20 document, why is the I-20 required and how to obtain an I-20 document from the US Universities.

What is I-20 document issued by US Universities?
An I-20 is an official document provided by the US Universities to all international applicants after all necessary financial documents have been submitted to the University. The I-20 processing is done by Universities after all the financial documents have been received and verified by the US Universities. I-20 contains the basic information regarding your University, personal details, one year expenses, degree program details, duration of degree and other relevant important information. To view a sample I-20 document, click on the following download link: Sample I-20 document from US University - Low resolution 

Why is I-20 from US Universities required?
To study in US, you need and F1 US VISA and to apply for the F1 VISA, you need an official I-20 document from the US Universities. This document serves as the proof of admission to the US University, proof of necessary amount of funds required for education. The applicant needs to provide liquid funds equivalent to the amount specified in the I-20 document provided by US Universities. This amount is specified for a year and contains all the expenditure details including the tuition fees, living expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.  

How to obtain the I-20 document from US Universities?
An I-20 is issued by the US Universities only after your admission decision is made. After you have received an admit from US University, you are required to send a bank solvency certificate. This acts as the proof of financial resources and that you can fund your education in US. An original bank stamped and signed document is required by the US Universities for processing your I-20. Once this document is received by the US University admission cell, your I-20 processing begins. If there is large number of admitted international applicants, the processing might take up to 1 month. An official I-20 document is sent to your house by express mail. You can then apply for an F1 US VISA.