World Rankings of US Universities for higher education

United States is the undisputed leader as far as imparting quality higher education is concerned. As a result, United States of America attracts maximum number of international students to pursue higher education.

19 US Universities in top 25 World Universities
In the 2011 Academic rankings of World Universities, as many as 19 Universities as US based. The following list of US Universities feature in the top 25 ranked Universities in the world.

1.    Harvard University - USA
2.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology - USA
3.    Stanford University - USA
4.    University of California, Berkeley - USA
5.    University of Cambridge - UK
6.    California Institute of Technology - USA
7.    Princeton University - USA
8.    Columbia University - USA
9.    University of Chicago - USA
10.  University of Oxford - UK
11.  Yale University - USA
12.  University of California, LA - USA
13.  Cornell University - USA
14.  University of Pennsylvania - USA
15.  University of California, San Diego - USA
16.  University of Washington - USA
17.  University of California, San Francisco - USA
18.  The John Hopkins University - USA
19.  University of Wisconsin, Madison - USA
20.  University College London - UK
21.  The University of Tokyo - JAPAN
22.  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - USA
23.  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - SWITZERLAND
24.  The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine - UK
25.  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - USA
Source: ARWU 2011

As seen from the above list, US Universities have set a very high standard as far as quality higher education is concerned. As a result they occupy 19 of the top 25 slots in World rankings of Universities.

US Universities in top 100 World Universities
According to the ARWU (Academic Rankings of World Universities), more than 50 Universities in the top 100 ranked Universities in the world are US Universities. There is no doubt that the best brains in the world are learning, living and teaching in the US Universities. To see the complete list of the ARWU visit the official website

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