TOEFL cut-offs of top US Universities for higher education

This article gives the list of top US Universities minimum TOEFL iBT scores requirement for higher education. A free download link is also provided which contains the list of top 50 US Universities TOEFL iBT cut-offs for graduate admissions.

Top 5 US Universities minimum TOEFL iBT score requirement
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University
University of California Berkeley
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
Carnegie Mellon University

Download list of minimum TOEFL score required for top 50 US Universities
To download list of TOEFL scores for top 50 US Universities which also includes minimum IELTS score band, click on the following free download link:

Understanding the TOEFL score requirement of US Universities
  1. TOEFL score requirement is the English proficiency test of the applicants and TOEFL scores have to be submitted by all international applicants and all those applicants whose native is not English.
  2. Apart from the minimum TOEFL score requirement, US Universities also mention a section wise cut-off. For example, North Carolina State University requires sectional cut-off as follows: Reading: 18   Listening: 18 Speaking: 18 Writing: 18
  3. Almost all the US Universities require a minimum of 24 marks in Speaking section of TOEFL to be considered for Teaching Assistant-ships (TA) if the TA has to directly interact with the students. A minimum TOEFL speaking section requirement of 28 is essential if the TA has to give lectures.
  4. Apart from the requirement of English proficiency, TOEFL marks have no impact on the admission decision. The admission decision is based on GRE marks, recommendation letters, SOP and undergraduate grades.
  5. IELTS is an alternative English proficiency exam for TOEFL. The Universities mention a minimum band requirement for IELTS exam.
  6. All US Universities also have minimum revised GRE score requirement. For a list of top US Universities minimum and average revised GRE score requirement, click on the following article: Revised GRE cut-offs of top US Universities for higher education