List of all documents for F1 VISA application in India

Starting September 2012, a new US F1 VISA application process is introduced and now students have to schedule an extra appointment at the OFC(Offsite Facilitation Center) prior to the US VISA interview. Read this article for all the necessary documents required for an F1 VISA application in India.

List of documents required for the visit to OFC (first appointment)

1. Passport (Original copy)
2. DS-160 confirmation page
3. Appointment confirmation page
For more information about OFC locations and details, visit this article: OFC locations

List of documents required for VISA Interview (second appointment)
1. Passport (Original copy)
2. I-20 document (Original copy)
3. Printed copy of appointment letter
4. DS-160 confirmation page
5. Original F1 VISA fee payment receipt
6. SEVIS fee payment receipt
7. GRE, TOEFL, IELTS mark statements
8. Original degree certificates along with marksheets
9. Original Bachelor degree transcripts
10. Evidence of financial resources: Liquid assets sufficient to pay for entire first year of education and proof of readily available funds to cover remaining year(s) of studies. 

Proof of financial resources: There are a lot of misconceptions and incorrect information regarding the proof of financial resources requirement among applicants. Read this article for accurate information about the proof of financial resources: Preparation of financial resources