Why Indians opt for higher education in US?

Every year more than 5 Lakh students across the world come to US for various degrees and courses in US. There is more number of Indians in US than in any other country in the world. Why is US such a favourite destination for higher education for Indians? Why should one spend his life savings to invest in education in US? The answer to these questions is explained in the following sections.
Quality of higher education in US
The most important reason for students in India to study in US is the quality of education in US. US has got Universities with state of the art infrastructure and research labs. US Universities have the best faculty who are very approachable. The education system in the US universities is constantly updated with recent research developments and industry trends. Federal assisting in the form of grants and funds is readily available for any good idea in any of the Universities in US. Funding is not just limited to the institute but it is also extended to the professors and students based on the projects and implementation. The quality of higher education in US is never compromised and that is one of the important reasons why so many students from India are attracted towards US higher education. 
Flexibility and variety of higher education courses in US
There are more than 200 internationally recognized and ranked Universities in US which offer quality higher education. In India, quality higher education is very limited and degree options are even more limited. Every University in US has a huge variety of degree programs and course options. A student has a long list of options to choose from for his degree. While pursuing a particular degree the student has got the option of selecting the subjects of his choice based on his interests. After completion of a course, if the student is not happy with the subjects or the degree, he may switch to some other course. If the student is not happy with the University itself, he has the option to study from a different University as well. To summarize, higher education in US Universities is extremely flexible and varied. A student has a lot of options in terms of degree, courses, University and subjects selection.
High rankings of US Universities for higher education
US boasts of top ranked Universities in the field of engineering, law, doctoral studies, architecture, arts, medical, literature and others. Some of the top ranked Universities in United States which pull students from across the world for education in various fields

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Top Engineering School

• Stanford University
• Harvard University – Top Business School
• University of California, Berkeley
• Julliard University – Top Law School
• University of Texas, Austin
The reason for the high rankings of the universities in US in the field of higher education are because of excellent infrastructure, faculty, state of the art laboratories, quality of higher education, research opportunities and funding from the US government and large Multinationals.

Research based higher education in US
Educational system in US is completely research oriented. The grants received by the Universities in US from the government of US as well as various non-governmental organizations are very high. Research is one of the top priorities of the US government. As a result, the Universities in US are equipped with latest cutting edge technologies invented by their own scientists and professors. As an Indian, we are used to the traditional theoretical mode of studying where knowledge acquisition is very limited. This system of education works perfectly well for Indians as it gives them hands on experience and research oriented education.
Value of Master’s degree from US University in India
A degree from a University in US is recognized everywhere in the world, especially in India. Because of the quality of education in US and the high rankings of the US universities, companies in India hire Indians passing out of a recognized University in US. If the student has prior work experience in India, it becomes even easier for Indian companies to higher such students as the degree has a lot of value in India. If a person has a Master’s degree from a US University and is interested in starting his own company, getting the necessary funds become all the more easier given his academic background.
Culture and independent lifestyle in US
The fast paced independent lifestyle in US is a huge attraction for Indians. In India, we are a lot more bound by traditional values and our culture is very different from that of US. The western culture, as it is referred to by Indians, is completely different experience. It becomes a welcome change in our thinking, approach and attitude towards life when we are exposed to this culture in US. There is no discrimination in US based on religion, caste, creed, color or society status. If you have potential and talent, you will shine and make progress. Apart from quality higher education, being part of this western culture is also one of the very strong attractions for Indians to pursue higher education in US.