Research opportunities during and after higher education from US Universities

One of the distinguishing factors about American higher education is the immense research potential and research opportunities in United States.

Research in USA – A brief overview
Ever since World War II, when a lot of Jews scholars migrated to US from Europe, American government has given top priority to research and related activities in USA. As a result USA boasts maximum number of patents, scientific innovations and discoveries than any other country in the world. Right from basic machines to highly integrated chips, health care to insurance, agriculture to environmental studies, US Universities carry out research in all the fields and offer courses for education in all these fields. The US Universities receive federal grants as well as royalty based income which are again invested in research. Couple it with some of the finest alumni over the past 100 years; the US Universities are truly rich in financial as well as scholarly resources. It would not be wrong to say that US has the best research opportunities in the world.

Complete autonomy of US Universities
The US Universities enjoy full autonomy to decide the course structure and syllabi and there is no interference from the US government in any of the US activities. As a result, the US Universities align their courses and study pattern with respect to latest technological innovations and research options. The US Universities, therefore, have a much more practical and research oriented education which targets the base of learning. The autonomy right from the selection procedure, research projects, labs, investments, internships, placements, syllabi, exams and coursework helps the University and the students considerably. This autonomy boosts research activities as students learn the latest technologies and utilise them for further innovations.

Research in US Universities helps provide financial assistance
US Universities provide scholarships or assistantships to international students who have research potential. If one is interested in contributing to the research activities carried out by the US University that he intends to study, the professor in charge of the research has the power to appoint such a person as research assistant. The benefits of RA are immense. One gets to learn the basics of research and excel in the field of research. Secondly, he receives fee waiver for his contribution to the research work. The research work provides the student with a strong foundation which will help him pursue PhD with full assistance. If you have a research oriented mindset and are willing to work hard, your financial problems will be taken care of.