MS vs MBA: How to choose your masters degree?

After Engineering, the most popular degree choice for higher education aspirants in India is MS. But once an engineering student gains about 2-3 years of experience, especially in the IT sector, the popular degree becomes MBA instead of MS.

Higher education degree options in US
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Master of Science (MS)
MS is the most aspired higher education degree by Indians and most students across the world. It is the perfect platform which launches your career and opens up a plethora of opportunities in US and rest of the world. The various engineering majors like Computers, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Civil are selected by students based on their undergraduate field of specialization. US has been a pioneer in the field of Computers and IT and hence the most popular stream is Computers Science. The MS degree is granted only after completion of thesis which also gives a background of research to the students. Although, many Universities have a coursework only option as well, but the entire education is based on research. Every professor has some research work going around and graduate students often benefit from this research activities if they are offered RA or TA. Thus, if you have research interests and would like to contribute to the field of Science and Technology, MS in USA is the perfect choice for your Masters degree. Even if you are not interested in research, a lot of job opportunities open up after successful completion of your MS degree.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)
After completing Engineering in India, most students get job opportunities from Indian IT companies and the jobs are too good to go for higher education. But after 1-2 years, many students feel the need of higher education and MBA becomes the most sought after degree because of industry exposure and opportunities. There are various majors fro MBA like accounting, finance, HR, consulting and others. MBA gives you the respect and a position much higher than normal Engineering or Science recruits. MBA in US will open up the doors of US companies at managerial level. If your career goal is management and not research, MBA is the perfect degree program for you. MBA after engineering might create a question as to why Engineering if you wanted to an MBA. But, frankly engineers make the best managers. The most important aspect of management is following a scientific process, which you are taught during Engineering.