From GRE to US VISA – All necessary information

This website is for all those aspirants who want to go to US for higher education. The entire process consists of taking the GRE and other necessary exams, GRE score analysis, profile analysis, selection of Universities, selection of major, University application process, application deadlines, scholarships, assistantships, financial aids,  Recommendations, Statement of Purpose, work experience, shortlisting of Universities, fees, cost, solvency certificate, admits, I-20, US Visa application, DS-160 issues, appointment dates, cancellation, US VISA no-show, Visa Interview process and finally your US VISA approval.  The process spans a long time of almost a year. Apart from your time, you will have to shell out a lot of money for this whole process. But at the end of the day, once you have your VISA approval, all your efforts and investment seem worthy and you feel extremely glad that you went through all this trouble.

This site is an attempt to provide all the necessary details regarding every aspect of this process completely free of cost. There are a lot of misconceptions, myths and wrong assumptions. You will find all such myths cleared in the various articles in this site. The authors of this site have gone through the entire process and have an approved US F1 VISA.

This website is divided into the following sections:

General articles on US education. Why people prefer higher education in United States, how higher education in US will help your career and similar questions will be answered by the various articles in this section.

Information and preparation tips for all the necessary exams required to pursue higher education in United States. All information about GRE – Graduate Record Examination will be found in this section. Also find the importance of English proficiency examinations TOEFL and IELTS.

You will find answers to questions like which Universities to apply with your profile, which degree programs to select, which majors, specializations and other selections specific to your interests and profile. All US University rankings specific to engineering majors and business schools are mentioned in this section. Articles in this section will help you decide how many Universities you need to apply to and to which US Universities you should apply.

This section covers the necessary details regarding the application to your selected Universities. You can find information about sending of test scores, recommendation letters, SOPs, solvency certificates, transcripts and all relevant application procedures and information.

All necessary details regarding funding options, scholarships, financial aids and assistantships will be found in this section. Funding options from Universities as well as from institutes in India are covered in this section.

This section covers information on all the money matters and financial information. You need to have evidence of your funding sources which you need to send to Universities. Information regarding the funding details as well as loan details will be found in this section.

Once your applications are done, you will start receiving admits and rejects. You will find all the details regarding this stage where you need to have a stamped I-20 from your desired University. This section will also help you decide your final University in case of multiple I-20s

You have your I-20 and have made your decision. The only hurdle in your path is the most dreaded US Visa interview. This section will give all details regarding F1 Visa application process and US Visa interview tips.

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