How to select one US University from multiple admits?

This article will help you select a US University from multiple admits. Use the following tips to select one University when you have received many admits. Since students generally apply to as many as 10 Universities, the number of admits received from US Universities are at least 3. Hence selecting one University from many admits is a difficult task.

Check the rankings of US Universities from where you have received admit
You must compare the rankings of the Universities from where you have received admits. Do not check the general rankings of US Universities but check your program specific rankings. Most of the times, the general rankings might not reflect the actual ranking of the degree program that you are going to pursue in that US University. Check the rankings thoroughly. For more about the US University rankings, check the following resource:

Compare the locations of the US Universities
Your preferences regarding the location of the University will help you decide from multiple Universities. You will have to stay in the city where your University is located for a minimum of 2 years. You might have some preferences regarding the climate, atmosphere, crowd or type of locality whether cosmopolitan metro or a countryside area around the University. You must make sure what kind of city you want to live in base on the multiple admits that you have received.

Your relatives or close friends in your US University location
Having some known persons or acquaintances in the city where you are going helps a lot in the initial few months of your stay in the US. You feel a lot more secure knowing that you have some close friends or relatives in the city that you are travelling to in USA. So, consider selecting a University where you might have some close friends.

Higher ranked University or University with Scholarship or financial aid
You might have a US University with good ranking and a University which is providing you some financial aid in the form of scholarship or assistantship. In this case deciding between the two is very difficult. If there is no significant difference between the rankings of the Universities, go for the University which is providing some financial aid. But, as a rule, you should not let go of a higher ranked University. The rankings of the US Universities are very important as after completion of your degree, you will be judged based on the ranking of the University wherever you apply for jobs or internships in US. Also, the faculty and fellow students that you will interact with will be better in a higher ranked University. So, if the other US University is higher than about 20 places in the rankings than the US University granting you financial aid, choose the higher ranked University even if you have to pay much higher.