What is the SEVIS and F1 VISA fee amount for Indian applicants and how to make payment?

Read this article for information regarding the student F1 VISA application fee and the SEVIS fee which is required by US University aspirants to obtain the F1 VISA.

What is the F1 VISA application fee amount?
All F1 VISA applicants are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable F1 visa application fee, sometimes referred to as the MRV fee. This fee has to be paid irrespective of the accept or reject of the F1 VISA.

F-1 VISA (Student / Academic) Application fee: $160
F-1 VISA Application fee in INR: Rs.9120 (Exchange rate: 1 USD=57 INR as of 31st January, 2013)

How to pay the VISA application fee?
To make VISA application fee payment, follow these steps:
Step 1: Create an account at official website: Create account for VISA fee payment
Step 2: Click on the tab Schedule Appointment and fill out all the forms.
Step 3: You will be asked to pay the non-immigrant VISA application fee by one of the three methods described below:
       a) NEFT: Short for National Electronics Funds Transfer. If you have an online account for the savings or current account in your bank, you will be having an option to make online payments using NEFT. You can use this facility to make payment for the F1 VISA application fee.
      b) Payment by mobile phone: If your bank has the facility of mobile banking, then you can make the F1 VISA fee payment from your mobile phone either using the bank's application or through SMS payment. Make sure you use the correct Beneficiary Mobile Number, Beneficiary MMID number and correct amounts. After payment, you will receive the 12-digit IMPS reference number which is very important. Also check with your bank for the daily limit on mobile phone transactions. Most banks have a limit of Rs.5000 per day, so you cannot make the fee payment in this case.
      c) Direct payment at AXIS bank or CITIBANK: You need to print and carry the US VISA fee collection slip to the bank that you are making cash payment to. You will get the receipt after the fee payment. You will then be able to schedule VISA appointments within 2 business days after making cash payment at the bank of your choice. For a list of AXIS/CITIBANK locations, visit this page at the official website: Bank locations

What is SEVIS fee? 
The SEVIS fee(also called SEVIS I-901 fee) is the fee to support the program office and the automated system that keeps track of national and international students in US and ensures that they maintain their status while in the United States. Each student is issued an initial Form I-20 by the University after verification of the financial documents. The student is supposed to make the SEVIS fee payment upon receipt of I-20 and without making the SEVIS fee payment, he/she will not be able to schedule an F1 VISA appointment.

What is SEVIS fee amount and how to make SEVIS fee payment?
SEVIS fee amount for almost all Indian applicants applying to US Universities is $200. To make the SEVIS fee payment, you will need to have your I-20 and passport. Create an account at the official SEVIS fee payment website and make the payment by following the instructions.