Fall 2013 student database - Enroll and enjoy the benefits

If you are a Fall 2013 applicant, you must have got your US F1 VISA approved by now. We are starting another free service which will help you connect with Fall 2013 applicants all across the world. As we did for the profile evaluation and SOP review service, your data is completely confidential and will be used as per your discretion only. 

Form for enrolling in this free service for Fall 2013 students: Fall 2013 student database

Here are a few benefits of enrolling:

You might have heard from your relatives, friends and seniors that networking is very important in US. If you have good contacts, it becomes very easy for you to get recommendations, advice and reference.This not only helps for getting jobs, but also makes your life a lot easier when you are in US. 

On-campus Jobs, Internships and Full Time jobs
The companies in US love to hire from within. A reference from a full time employee almost guarantees an initial call which is the your first step and the most important step towards getting a job. A reference for an on-campus job almost guarantees you a job. Enrolling in this database will give you access to our team members in your University. Our team consists of students, interns and full time employees from a range of different Universities and companies in US.

Room-mate finding
Your room-mates become your family during your initial stay and it is very important that you get along with them before coming to US. This enrollment will give you access to the Fall 2013 students in your University which will help you find the right room-mates for you. You can also get in touch with our team members from your University if you wish to stay with a few seniors. Most of the current students lease gets over by Fall and are always on the lookout to find new roomies. Our team will help you get in touch with such students.

Chance of becoming a GREtoUSVISA team member
Now that you have successfully completed the marathon US University application, you are eligible to help new students in next Spring and Fall. This will not only help them but in turn help you connect with new people and increase your network. Our team members usually spend just a couple of hours every week for this website. We will select 5 applicants from different Universities who will have a chance to become the admin of this website and will have complete access to the website and who can contribute by sharing their ideas and writing articles. The admins will also get to evaluate profiles and review SOPs of the students in their respective fields of study. 

Based on the following selection in the form, your data will be shared as per your discretion:
  • Only GREtoUSVISA team members: This option will keep your data confidential from other applicants. Only the GREtoUSVISA team members will have access to your data. 
  • Only Fall 2013 students of my University: This option will keep your data confidential from applicants other than your University. Only your University Fall 2013 applicants and GREtoUSVISA team members will have access to your data. 
  • All Fall 2013 applicants: Your data will be accessed by all the Fall 2013 applicants and you will have access to all the applicants who have chosen to share data with you.
 Form for enrolling in this free service for Fall 2013 students: Fall 2013 student database