US University enrollment deposit FAQs

Most of the US Universities require you to pay a $100 or $200 enrollment deposit after giving you the admit. The most common deadlines for paying these deposits is 15th of April or 1st of May for FALL 2013 applicants. The offer of admission is valid only after successful payment of this deposit. Most Universities do not release your I-20 if you do not pay this deposit. Read the following frequently asked questions regarding this deposit and should you pay it or not.

What is the deadline before which I should pay the enrollment fee and accept the US University admission?
Most Universities deadlines are 15th of April or 1st of May. If you fail to pay the enrollment deposit and accept the admission offer, your offer can stand void and you might not be able to attend the University in that case. We recommend you pay this enrollment fee to avoid any risk of admission denial. This fee is automatically credited to your student account ans is used for the payment of tuition.

If I accept and pay the enrollment deposit, can I later reject it if I get a better University admit? 
Yes. You can later reject

Is this deposit refundable?
No. The US University enrollment deposit is non-refundable. If you do not join the University, your deposit will not be refunded.

I have got an admit from XYZ University and I'm waiting for a better University. But I am required to pay the deposit before 15th April. What should I do?
Even if your chances of an admit from the other University are high, we recommend you pay the deposit and obtain the I-20. If tomorrow you get a reject from the other University, you will have no option whatsoever. Already you have invested very much for all the applications. And if you have an admit, it is always wise to obtain the I-20 by paying the deposit. Read the US University admit FAQs for more information.

I have received admits from multiple Universities. What should I do about the enrollment deposit?
If you have multiple admits, first select one or two Universities from multiple admits. Depending on which University you wish to go, you can certainly select only one University and pay the enrollment deposit to only that University. If there are any Universities that do not require you to pay the enrollment deposit, send the solvency certificate and financials and obtain the I-20s. We would recommend that you should have at least two I-20s with you so that if you face any problems with one University, you can apply for a transfer to the other if you wish to. This will ensure you have options.